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Your neck and back will thank you later when you use your "Handy Stand" keyring to hold your phone up. Its nice and compact and lightweight so you can keep it on you at all times, it has a clip attached so you can remove from your keys with ease and it props your phone up so you can view videos, use facetime/video calls and set up a selfie. 

Made from Timber or Acrylic, you can choose a personalised message to be engraved, making this a perfect gift. 

This little gadget needs to be a nice fit around your phone, and since every phone is different, please let me know the thickness of your phone in mm (taking your case into consideration) during check out. 

As it is small and lightweight, it is intended to prop your phone up when its attached to your phone at certain angles, it is not suitable for gusty winds as it has the chance of falling over. Its also not stable enough for typing on the screen when its in the upright position as it may tip over so please use light taps when touching your phone whilst in the holder. 

We have tested this stand on an Iphone 11 with case, Samsung with case, and an iphone 11 without case and each have a different thickness that we custom make to suit. 

My Iphone 11 without case is approx 10mm, with a case on its approx 13mm, and a samsung with otter case is approx 15mm. 

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