5 Ways to Create a Stunning Backyard Wedding

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Having a backyard wedding is the perfect way to make your big day intimate, relaxed & romantic, plus its budget friendly! (Who doesn't love that?!)

Here are 5 ways to take your backyard wedding to the next level. 

1. Go Vertical

Maximise the space of your backyard by integrating vertical decorations throughout your existing garden.

Don't have the perfect trees to string lights across? Hang them vertically using extension chords for a unique look. 
Photo Credit: Alliston Andres

Hang flowers vertically from trees or other elements in your other backyard weddings. These are also great to show guests where the backyard boundaries are.


Vertical donut walls are super trendy and save you some table space! 

Want a donut wall of your own? We'll create one and ship it straight to you for your backyard wedding in Australia. Find our donut walls available in Australia here.


2. Easy self-serve bars

Self Serve Wedding Bar Ideas

Backyard weddings are wonderful because they create a casual environment. Self-serve bars are a great way to not only make it easy on your guests but your budget too. Plus, you don't need a large extra space for a full bar!

*Extra tip, have a cute sign on your bar like this!

3. Custom Signage

Custom signage makes you & your guests forget that they're in your backyard. These signs also make great keepsakes to remember your big day. Find the perfect custom sign for your wedding in Australia here. 


Custom Backyard Wedding Signs Australia

4. Backyard Games

Use extra space in your backyard for fun games to entertain your guests while you're busy taking photos. Check out this adorable & simple DIY tic tac toe game.

Have a game that needs custom pieces? Get in touch with our team here.

Backyard Wedding Games


5. Have an Unplugged Ceremony

Backyard weddings are intimate, so to avoid having lots of cameras up in photos, have an unplugged ceremony. Encourage guests to unplug from their electronics for the day! 

Let guests know with a custom 3D acrylic sign made right here in Australia. 

 Unplugged Ceremony Signs Australia

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